[SOLVED] Msi b450m bazooka won’t boot?

Mar 2, 2021
I recently wanted to upgrade my old pc so I bought a new cpu, ram, mobo, and psu. I installed everything (including my old gpu) and the boot debug light is on and the computer is not showing anything on the screen. All the fans are spinning and seems to have power everywhere. (Keyboard and mouse turn on)

What I have tried
  • Putting ram in each slot
  • replugged all power cables
  • booting without gpu
  • booting without hdd
  • resetting CMOS
  • took out and put cpu in making sure to align correctly
  • booting without peripherals
  • made sure mobo was not contacting case
  • multiple monitors and multiple cable types (hdmi,dvi)

I have tried all of these separate and different combinations to see if anything works and can’t get BIOS to come up. Any help would be appreciated!!