MSI b450M chipset drivers come with Radeon drivers I don't want - which driver is which in this .exe?

Oct 5, 2018

I'm in the process of installing component drivers on a clean install of windows, starting with my motherboard chipset driver first.

Here is my component list (link), I am using a MSI b450m Mortar mATX board and a GTX 1070 Ti, obviously not a radeon card.

From MSI's website (link) , the sole option for motherboard chipset drivers (released november 2nd) includes Radeon graphics drivers.

I was previously having instability issues due to driver problems on an earlier windows install, on this same machine, so I am a little bit worried here. These are the drivers included in the package - which are appropriate for my rig and which are not? Again, I am attempting to install motherboard chipset drivers, not GPU drivers.

AMD GPIO Driver (For Promontory)
AMD PCI Device Driver
AMD PSP Driver
AMD SMBus Driver
Balanced Power Plan 2.02.0000
OEM Application Profiles 1.00.0000

Any input greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I just noticed, the website says that the driver package "Includes AMD SMBus Driver AMD Graphics Driver". This must be the SMBus Driver I list above, right? Would I not want this?


Sep 7, 2017

My suggestion is that you should uninstall previous drivers using control panel and install chipset drivers from AMD's site and GPU drivers from Nvidia's site.Also the best way to avoid instability is to delete registry issues using CCleaner after uninstalling previous drivers and then install new drivers.Do not forget to restart computer after cleaning registry.Otherwise the drivers on MSI site are fine for your system and they will not interfere with the Nvidia GPU.

I do it through Device Manager, by doing an Update Driver for each relevant device in System Devices. A bit bothersome as you have to do it to each device, but it will ensure you have the latest WHQL certified driver for each of the components. It doesn't matter for performance so much as compatibility with all of Windows' features. Especially the new Security features, as I found out recently.