Question [MSI B450m] EZ LED CPU & RAM lights constantly lit white, so signal to monitor

Apr 7, 2019
I've just bought new mobo, CPU & RAM, installed it and it doesn't provide any signal to the monitor. Two ez leds (CPU & RAM) are constantly lit on white.

Mobo: MSI B450M PRO-VDH v2
CPU: AMD Athlon 200GE
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V, DDR4, 8 GB, 2666MHz, CL15 (F4-2666C15D-8GVR)
PSU: Tagan TG480-U01

Tried to run with mobo inside and outside the case.
Tried to run with one RAM unit. When it's in proper place, I get no sound, when I run computer wihout RAM or with RAM placed in wrong socket I hear the beep. However, even if it's in proper place and no beep sound, LEDs are still lit and it doesn't give signal to the monitor.
Tried to reassembly CPU few times, carefully looking at it, but looks like physically there's nothing wrong with it.
Tried to run only with RAM, CPU & monitor plugged in.
Removed battery for hour to reset CMOS.

What else can I do?