Question MSI b450m gaming plus no lights and no boot


Jan 5, 2015
I'm building my first PC and have hit a wall. I can't get anything out of my motherboard. The only thing I've got to turn on was the PC case LED but that was only when I moved them to the power switch spot on the Mobo. I seen this was a common error so I switched them think maybe I did put it in wrong.

I get nothing from my EZ debug light. My PSU does work if I put a paper clip in the connector so I believe I should be at least getting the lights on the board.

I have the board out of the case right now and on the box it came in and have tried just the 24 pin connector and 8 pin while bridging the +/- power switch and still can't get anything to happen. I've tried with no ram and ram in the different slots. I have cleared the CMOS. I'm at a loss as to what to try next.

Ryzen 2200g
MSI b450m Gaming Plus (refurb)
TForce Delta RGB 8gb 3000mhz
HP s700 256 GB SSD
Logysis at-650bk (ordered a TL pay but they sent this and gave me a refund so I kept it)
Cooler master q300l case

Any help would be appreciated