Question MSI B450m Gaming plus rgb support


Aug 2, 2006
Greetings, im not sure if this is the right section

Im going to be building a new gaming pc with the MSI B450m gaming plus motherboard and a 5pack set of deepcool rgb fans.

My question is these fans which get a good review, dont have a remote or controller to select function, instead the plug directly into a hub,
that hub or hubs plug directly into the motherboards 5050 rgb 4pin port.

So first question is, can i control the color/speed through motherboard software, this rgb fan kit has no buttons, no remote.

Second question is, looks like i need to use 2 hubs, which is included, if i want all five fans connected, so ill have to use both 5050 rgb ports on the motherboard.

If so, does my ryzen wraith prism cooler need a rgb port on the motherboard, does my corsair rgb vengence memory need a rgb port on the motherboard.

Please help ive never used rgb before, this seems rather complicated and i want to make sure im getting the right stuff.

Also wondering if i need more then 2 rgb plugs into the motherboard, is there a y that would let me plug both sets of fan hubs into it, then take only one port on the mb.

Thanks for all who help, So much appreciated, links to items below.