Msi b450m mortar with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G latest BIOS update failed booting

Dec 9, 2018
It started with PC freezing the screen when playing Fallout3. I looked up I-net and read that updating BIOS would fix issues with Ryzen freezing screens... What I know? I downloaded latest bios (1.20 or .120 dated October 2018), put it on flashdrive, went on updating BIOS just to see how my Windows denied to boot. It made Win10 show its blue window for say 5 seconds, then blackscreen frozen and no kyeboard responding. Then upon subsequent reloads I saw something like blue screens telling me whether I want to reset Windows keeping or loosing my files. I remember choosing saving data, after that Windows went into very slow process of doing something like resetting... It was so slow, I went away from monitor to read. When came back, screen was black again, PC not reaponsive at all.
What has happened I have no clue after I updated that freaking BIOS for motherboard. Any ideas or suggestions or insights will be greatly appreciated...

My pc:
CPU: AMD Ryzen5 2400G with integrated Radeon Vega 11 video adapter and kit cooler
No stand-alone GPU
MSI B450M Mortar motherboard, BIOS now updated to the latest version availble.
SSD 120GB with Windows10 Home version installed on it (by me) and succesfully working.
1TB WD hard drive
2x8GB DDR4 3000Mhz max (in BIOS showed 2933 and 2800, while actual speed set up showing 2400Mhz)
WiFi USB adapter, keyboard, mouse
Is another windows version on the WD HDD? Eventually set the boot order correctly to the SSD or to the HDD, if the bootloader was installed there.

reset the BIOS by jumper

use a Windows install media (like windows media creation tool) to repair the Windows installation.

Have a look inside the BIOS, how hot is the CPU while running within BIOS for about 10minutes ?

Backup data important before this:
Check the SSD if possible with its manufacturer´s tool and eventually update the firmware, maybe in another PC.