Question MSI B550 A PRO in UEFI mode not recognizing my new NVME Samsung 980 Pro

Feb 22, 2023

Yesterday I purchased a new NVME Samsung 980 Pro as an upgrade to my existing system.

The situation is that when my BIOS is set to UEFI mode, my NVME is never visible. \Windows however is able to find the in diskpart and the list of drives to install Windows on.
What's interesting is that when I set my BIOS as CSM, the NVME is visible AFTER the OS files have been copied from the USB to NVME (first part of the Windows installation). Windows prompts a restart and after that, I can see my NVME as a bootable option in the BIOS. As soon as I switch back to UEFI, this is gone. Of course I can't finalize the installation, because it complains that the drive in question is GPT. I am unable to convert it to MBR in diskpart. So at that point, the installation as CSM bootable becomes a mismatch of hardware.

Some things I have tried/are worth noting:
-BIOS is actually recognizing that the NVME is plugged in
-No other hard disks are plugged in
-BIOS is updated to E7C56AMS.AB0 (latest version)
-Samsung firmware update was letting me know that I already am on the latest version
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