Question MSI B550 Tomahawk JUSB3 not working with USB2 devices (NZXT h510 i case)

May 7, 2022
Hi All,

The issue is with the usb on the front panel of my case.

I tried to connect a few usb 3 devices and they work.
If I connect any usb 2 device like a security key, a thumb stick or a game pad it doesn't.
The same devices work fine if i connect them to another port.

The light on my thumbstick blinks for 2 seconds and then goes off.
This means it is powered but not able to communicate.

I have a NZXT h510i case. I tried 3 different cases, same model and it doesn t work.
I tried another cable on another old case and for some reason it works fine.

Is the issue related to the compatibility with the NZXT front panel cable (usb 3.1 gen 1) connected to the motherboard using the JUSB3 input (usb 3.2 gen1)?
NZXT support said that the cable is perfectly compatible with usb2


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

What is the make and model of your motherboard? On that note, did you install the chipset drivers for said motherboard? Seeing how you're stating JUSB, I'm assuming you're working with an MSI motherboard...?


NZXT support is correct - any USB 3 port connected with any usb3 cable should work with any usb2 device. So basically there are three possible options: faulty case, faulty motherboard, or driver problem. Checked 3 cases so reason 1 is unlikely. Since usb3 devices work reason 2 would also be strange. That pretty much leaves us with driver problem - specifically chipset drivers.