Question MSI BIOS doesn't show m-flash option

Download page for Aegis on MSI global website.

How to flash BIOS is "Special Note" there.

The BIOS Updater files available are to be used in a bootable USB flash drive using by using RUFUS.

1: Download RUFUS and Decompress the utility inside and run it
2: Follow this Guide here of what to do here to make a Bootable USB Flash Drive (NOTE: Make Sure the USB Flash Drive is 16GB or Less in Capacity as over 16GB drives Fail at becoming Bootable)
3: Download from the Aegis Support Page the BIOS file and decompress it contents into a place you know where they are.
4: then place the 3 files that where in the ZIP file from MSI for the BIOS onto the Drive like is stated at step 7 and then then follow the rest of the Guide and you should be good to go.