Question MSI Board shorting out

Sep 8, 2022
my atx 24pin power connector will power on my board but only if im wiggling it back and forth. it only says on for s second then it dies. i believe theres a short in the board more specifically the 24pin socket. ive tried 2 different psus same result
it's probably one or more of the individual contact pins in the 24 pin connector aren't engaging their mates on the motherboard's socket connector. It's a fairly common problem.

To fix: first turn off the PSU and disconnect from the wall outlet. With the 24 pin connector attached to the motherboard, go through each wire at the 24 pin connector and push it individually into the the back of the connector body. The idea is to force that individual contact to fully mate with the one on the motherboard. It can help to get a small screw driver and push on the back of the might be able to see it.

Once finished, attach to wall outlet and power up the system. If this didn't work you may have to take the 24 pin connector completely off and tighten up the socket barrel contact with needle nose pliers or a scribe.

If this all seems tedious...flaky 24 pin contacts are more common on cheap PSU's. It might be a good idea to buy a quality unit.
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