MSI FX5900XT opinion?


Jun 21, 2004
MSI FX5900XT(128) or Radeon 9600XT(256)? For me the FX5900XT wins (according to all benchmarks) but its the fact that it has less memory (and that its a bit more expensive) that bothers me. Is less memory a major factor? or does the benefits it provides outweigh this shortfall? I don't want to buy a card then a couple of months later i need to change coz i need more graphics memory!


Sep 7, 2003
The 9600XT doesn't benefit from the extra memory, so go with the 128Mb version if you don't want to pay more than that. If you take that route then the price is about the same for the two cards. Personally I would go with the ATi card, but it's your choice; I haven't owned a nVidia card for quite a while. You may want to consider that the 9800 Pro is WAAYYYYY more powerful and it can be had for around $40 more than a good retail 9600XT 128Mb. Spend the extra cash and get the real deal, the 9600XT is overpriced. That or go with the plain ol' 9600 Pro.
(according to all benchmarks)
Then you haven't been looking hard enough.
The FX5900XT does win most, but not ALL, and it's a tie many times too. The FX5900XT is the more common winner, but it does depend on the game/app you use.

but its the fact that it has less memory
Which has very little to no impact on this caliber of card. Whichever ones the FX5900XT would win with 128mb it would win with 256 mb, and the same goes for the R9600XT.

And yeah, sweatlaserxp is right. The R9800Pro would be a better choice in most cases (except things like Quake3), and for about the same price as the FX5900XT.

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