Question MSI G24C freaking out


Nov 25, 2017
So I have an MSI G24C curved monitor that for the most part works great. That is until you shut it off or put it to sleep, then when you turn it on, it's like the monitor has to "warm up" for a while. There will be horizontal lines starting at the bottom that will take up as much of the screen correlated to how long the screen was off. Put to sleep overnight? Entire screen has lines. A few hours? Maybe a dozen near the bottom. I've tried drivers, hdmi and display port cables. Nothing seems to work except leaving the screen on all the time.
Well, I've never seen or heard of a monitor warming up like that, and given the lines, if it were new or under warranty, I'd be RMA'ing that.

If out of warranty, is it possible to update a firmware on the monitor. Check the MSI site for an update ini file.

Worth trying new cables etc too. Although it doesn't sound like thats the issue if the panel has to 'warm' up!
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