Question MSI game boost working but manual overclock doesn’t ?

Apr 5, 2022
I just bought a i7 11700k with a MSI MPG z490 gaming edge wifi and I decided I wanted to OC my cpu to 4.9ghz and 1.35 volts. When I finished over clocking I booted up my pc and it had every component running but no display so I reset the bios to original settings and decided to try MSI game boost which OC my cpu to 5ghz and 1.4 volts. I don’t know why it is stable but my original overclock isn’t.

Specs-cpu: i7 11700k ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 3600mhz gpu: rtx 3060ti psu: Corsair CX series 750W 80+ bronze MB:MSI MPG Z490 gaming edge wifi