Question MSI Gaming Z Rtx 2070 ARTIFACTING after RMA

Mar 18, 2019
Ryzen 7 2700x 4.1ghz OC Watercooled
Msi x370 gaming pro carbon MB
Corsair Venegance Pro RGB 16gb 3200mhz
Rtx 2070 Msi gaming z No OC as of yet
500gb 860evo Samsung (win 10 pro)
1tb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm
corsair rm750 psu

Main workloads consist(ed) of photoshop, solidworks (CAD), and gaming.

Long story (brace yourselves),

Built a computer for christmas (Fairly large upgrade from what i had previously) however had a large and fairly sudden supprise 2 months later when i experienced issues with my win 10 freezing randomly (The freeze is the confusing part to me, where i could open applications however not close them or interact with anything OS-Side at all...) this would result in me forcing the pc to turn off. Not long after, it started artifacting and i decided that i had a faulty card and contacted ebuyer support (NOT recommended any more as this is the second faulty part from them, third including the gpu again. RAM came dead on arrival too). They stated the RMA process would take up to (or above) 28 days, not pleased due to having upcomming art exams, DT coursework and GCSE's soon... (have now finished Art, still got the others left to go). Nevertheless, i have waited the 3-4 weeks surviving off of an old acer pc. Upon arrival i noticed the gpu arrived in the old box and the box and anti static bag were cut and torn to pieces (Was not happy but shrugged it off, as long as it works right?) Turns out after 3 DAYS of fitting the "new" gpu, it has now started again: Freezing on Win10 and artifacting again... is it by any chance now, that this is of user error, the fact that any other parts in the system may be creating this issue, or that ebuyer are still at fault and should replace or refund the card? Not too sure at this point as i have more pressing matters and are struggling to find time (exams) to properly sit and think about this i will be calling ebuyer tomorrow to attempt to sort out this mess.

Sorry for the large rant, got a bit carried away... due to being stripped for time, i may not be able to respond quickly to all replies.

Extra info:
  • Error logs suggest an event 13 error or something
  • Computer once freezing cannot be recovered
  • Temps are perfectly normal (idle at 20-30° so no issue there) viewing afterburner also shows no abnormal behaviour to me
  • Have taken off overclocks to verify instability to no success
  • Have reinstalled new and old drivers to no success
  • Have physically inspected all parts for defects, along with ensuring that they have been installed correctly (To no-ones supprise, no success)
  • Ebuyer stated they had sent it to msi directly to be fixed...
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Find someone willing to test your 2070 in their rig...if another rig (with an adequate PSU , of course) artifacts, there is little doubt the GPU is responsible, and, there are a rash of defective 2080/2070 GPUs out there with 'failing quickly' VRAM issues...

Although artifacting certainly points to a GPU issue (usually defective or failing GDDR6 now?), the total freezes could be caused elsewhere...(system is overclocked, RAM clocks/timings maybe too aggressive, faulty RAM stick,