MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor LIM: Voltage in MSI afterburner

Jan 5, 2019
Hi guys,

I am currently having problems with my RTX 2070. In the beginning it was freezing when under heavy load. Playing games like Black Ops 4, Black Desert Online. Every time it froze I had to hard reset the computer by pressing its button on the case. I thought I had a faulty GPU so I send it back and got the same one but a newer version. I thought it would work because my old RX 560 powered by motherboard power (no pins) had no problems when playing anything and it never froze. With the new card I still have this freezing problem so I took it to a friends house to test it on his computer. He has a similar CPU (Intel Core i5-6600k) I have the 9600k. But he has a RMx750
Corsair watt power supply and I have a RMx650 Corsair watt power supply. Same ram. And it worked perfectly fine on his computer. so now I am sure my GPU is not the issue here. Now I am testing games with MSI Afterburner but I keep getting LIM: Voltage in afterburner. It keeps flashing on and off. It might be a voltage problem.. I dont know how to fix this as I cant send it back for a new one cause it will still not work..