News MSI Geforce RTX 3080 12 GB GPUs Briefly Listed for Sale in Europe


Oct 9, 2019
The GeForce RTX 3080 12 GB cards have had a somewhat unusual "launch", with no official word from Nvidia on its specifications or even an MSRP value.
Let's be clear and call this "unusual launch" for exactly what it is: anti-consumer among other 10 negative adjectives I would add, but I'm not allowed to say them here because of snowflakes.

MLiD and HUB called them on their BS perfectly and any so-called journalist should do the same. As usual, not the case here and I expect the same lack of professionalism from a few other sites and YT channels too. I expect GN to join MLiD's and HUB's stance on this though.




Dec 12, 2019
Card is official now.

Not sure what some of you think you're accomplishing with your incessant complaining. It's not going to do anything. It won't increase availability, it won't lower prices, and it won't make a card magically appear in your PC if you are actually legitimately in the market for a new GPU. The problem is not AMD or Nvidia here. The problem lies 100% with your fellow consumers willing to pay what they are for these cards. Nvidia and AMD are finally getting smart here and releasing new models where they can charge what the market can bear rather than selling at woefully below market prices and watching the scalpers reap in all the profits. Anyone bitching at Nvidia (for total predictable fanboy reasons, AMD has largely escaped criticism) who is producing record numbers of GPU's doesn't understand what is going on in the market. The fact you still can't find cards easily at these insanely inflated prices means the market still hasn't reached any sort of equilibrium with demand. If you actually need a GPU, do your homework and your due diligence and you will eventually be able to land a card. I can say with 100% certainly, that whining in every GPU thread here isn't going to get you a card.
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