News MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Sea Hawk With 240mm Radiator


I have to admit abhor GPUs with built-in hybrid cooling. As if GPUs need an additional source of catastrophic failure that's difficult to repair or replace in a meaningful way.
True. It is very anti-consumer.
If there were any DIY options for Ampere, I'd totally jump on it.

EVGA, at least, appears to have done it right:
That's an Asetek cooler on it, so it wouldn't be too hard to replace it if it died... though that shroud does present some problems, namely with that low profile pump cap. Now that would be a problem.

Thanks to your post, I was reminded of Alphacool once again. Their Eiswolf line covers gpu hybrid cooling, and I found out that they're launching RTX 30 compatible kits next month.
I could drop out of EVGA's queue, try and get my hands on a FE 3080, and go from there...
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Mar 13, 2013
"given scarce supply of Nvidia's latest Ampere GPUs and overpriced graphics boards."

AMD's top GPUs aren't scarce and overpriced? Though maybe I could be wrong as I haven't seen any listed in inventory at local stores for sale in a long time.

At least a limited number of Nvidia 's new GPUs show up generally once a week at local stores. They may be costly, but they sell out by the end of the day so how can anyone claim they are overpriced for the market? The only one that lingered a couple of days was a 3090 built for water cooling.
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