Oct 24, 2013
Hi, i had recently issues with my MSI GF63 8RC laptop as it was overheating and then turns off the game i am playing or when running gpu benchmark.

I opened it and cleaned the fan , removed the heatsink and applied new thermal paste and new thermal pads

When i turned it on after that I fired up prime95 and hwmonitor.

After 30 secs of running prime95 the laptop froze and was no longer usable.

Did a restart and it was reaching desktop and then freeze and didn' let me do anything

Tried reapplying paste as i thought it might have been too much.

Didnt help

Then i tried bios reset and reapplying ram sticks but didn't work

Then I tried only 1 ram stick

Then my pc wouldn’t turn on at all.

I press power button , it turn on for a split of second and then turn off.

Tried reseting bios, removing main battery and rams for half and hour then plugged everything but still didnt work

Tried with no battery and to fire it up when only connected to power.

Would love any suggestion to fix this as i have exams next week and really need the laptop 😢😢😢😢msi😢

Photo of my laptop not turning on

And photos for the inside of it:

You really did clean the fan? Would go in with a brush again. Make sure it turns as well.

Tested with one stick, was that the original?