Question MSI GF75 Think 9SD is very loud when plugged in

Omar Little

Feb 2, 2017

I have a MSI GF75 9SD-056 laptop. When plugged in the fans go crazy. On battery the fans go slow. I've already checked the power settings. Right now i'm using the balanced power settings for both plugged in and battery use. The fans only get loud when plugged in. Also i'm just using chrome so it can't be that i'm putting load on the gpu. I also already adjusted the system cooling settings in cpu power management from active to passive and use the same settings for both plugged in and battery to see what happens. Still the fans go crazy when plugged in. Speedfan does not let me monitor my fans unfortunately and i already installed the latest Bios updates. Also there are no settings in the Bios that have anything to do with fan speed or temperature control. It seems like my laptop is using the power settings correctly when it's not plugged in e.g. passive cpu fans and so on. But when plugged in, for whatever reason, the fan speed goes up. It's really annoying because it shouldn't be this loud when i'm only using chrome or doing something on the desktop when it's plugged in. I just want to use the balanced settings when i'm not playing any games, so the laptop is quite when it's plugged in and not under load. And when i'm playing games i would change to custom power settings that favor peformance. That doesn't seem to work for some reason. I also don't want to use the laptop in battery mode when i'm at home. So do you have any solution for this? I really don't know what else i can change. And this happens almost instantenously btw so when it's plugged in it's loud and as soon as i unplug it, the fans slow down.