Question (Msi gp63 leopard 8rf) How to keep cpu at 800mhz and full usage on uhd 630 at all times whilst on battery?


Jun 9, 2017
Hello. Until a week ago anytime I used my laptop on battery my cpu cores/ratio would stick at 800mhz and my gtx 1070 would not be used. I used to get much better battery life. However since I messed with throttlestop and changed my cpu to use speedshift at 255 (0 when plugged in) it seems like the ratio/multiplier ramps up to as much as 13 when I load something.

Also it shows that it has been registering my gtx 1070 temperature at times so it's been drawing power from that. I want to exclusively use my uhd 630 while in battery mode and have my cpu stay at 800 mhz in order to save battery life. 800mhz locked and extreme battery saving everything on the uhd 630 is more than enough for me to do what I need to do in battery saving/unplugged mode. Even when I do play a game I do so at minimum settings and make sure it's either low end or from prior to say 2012 and running at 720p minimum settings to get the most I can out of it. When the uhd 630 on the highest power saving settings and i7 8750h at 800mhz that was more than enough.

Now throttlestop shows it ramping up to as high as 13 when I load apps.

How can I get my laptop to stick exclusively between 800 and 900 mhz in battery saving mode and not even touch the gtx 1070 and use the uhd 630 exclusively when on battery like it used to? Thank you very much.
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