Question MSI GS66 Disabled Integrated grafic´s, but nvidia 2070super max q gpu is at zero% usage

Sep 19, 2021
Hej everybody! i have some major and minor problems with my MSI GS66

Cpu: i7 10750h
Gpu: 2070super max q
ssd1 tb
msi mobo
300hz monitor fuld hd

Im kinda baffled with this problem and like many others i have searched through forums far and wide with no previal, ive gotten this new Laptop which is only 7 months old with usable waarenty about 15 months left and it got some problems.

First problem is the temperature on the cpu.... At idle use its around 55-65C, but when i hit gaming it throttles to 80-90C even with fans at max settings.
Ive tried some fixes, like limiting the cpu max power consumption to 90%which didnt help, it even happens at low settings games such as overwatch,csgo and league og legends.

Second problem is that the integrated grafics is kinda ruining my whole experience with this laptop, like it forces my cpu to hit high temperatures cause its useless at what it does and draws too much power, but at the same time while being so useless.... if i disable it and let my Nvidia 2070super max q grafic´s card take over (task manager says 0% usage but thats a lie) every time i open or change to another window it stutters for like way below a millisceond (but you can feel it, it lacks that smooth feeling 165-300hz gives when opening and closing window should) AND when its disabled it also makes my game´s stutter and lag which should just be illegal at this point with the specs onboard this laptop......
So im at a crosspoint.... my integrated grafics is useless and a hindrace, but is made to <Mod Edit> my experience further when disabled when gaming and just surfing the web.

All the things ive tried is:

Updating all drivers (cpu, gpu, mobo)
using battery advanced options to limit cpu usage to 90%
used msi dragon center to keep the temperatures in check.
disabled integrated grafics and forcing nvidia gpu to work (didnt fix the lag)

Things i have not yet done:
Changing thermal paste on components
used a proper program for this like "throutle stop" (cause the bios downgrade thingy is kinda hard for me, but i will endure)
properly undervolted with a serious program

Ps please dont ask for becnhmarks or thermal pictures as looking at other forums those questions never help to conclude anything related to my question......

Please help xD i knew these thin formfactor laptops had some thermal problems, but they should not have problems with the <Mod Edit> experience of the power and smoothness... and yet it does :/
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if i disable it and let my Nvidia 2070super max q grafic´s
if the laptop is muxless design, then even you disable the driver of the igpu, the rtx 2070 still going to passthrough the video to the igpu, which sometimes causes this refresh rate "unsmoothness".

Feeling the laptop is hot? torn off the laptop, clean the heatsinks and heatfins, the fans, and the copper contact between the heatpipes to the cpu and gpu, and wipe the paste off from those 2 chips, replace them with a good thermal paste like arctic mx4 and mx5 or gelid gc extreme.

My friend once had this problem too, had his laptop goes brrr at 90, i adviced him to use gelid gc extreme and he could perform changing the paste alone, and after it is done, he maxxed at 75 on most games, after total clean the heatsink, fins, fans, contact, and repaste it.