Question MSI GT72VR 6RE auto fan not working as it should ?


Aug 15, 2006
Hi All

I have an MSI GT72VR 6RE. I am having an issue that I need some assistance with.

Even after I have reinstalled windows and reinstalled all the software relevant to this laptop, The issue is that the CPU and GPU fan works but runs slow.
This causes the temperatures to rise to as high as 95 deg celcius.
If I press the cool booster button, the fans goes on at full speed and the temps comes down a lot.

Also if I manually set the fan speed through the dragon centre sotware, the temperatures are normal.

My Question here is that why do I have to manually set the fan speed in order for it to work properly? Why cant the fans work normally without me setting it manually?
Is there a problem with this model or my unit?

I request you all to please help me out.


Might want to see if the laptop is pending any BIOS updates(s). Out of curiosity, where did you source the installer for the OS? As for your laptop, did you install all drivers relevant to your laptop in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator?