Question MSI GT72VR/Cyberpower Fangbook 4 Charger Issue

Oct 4, 2019
Hi Everyone,

I have a CyberpowerPC Fangbook 4 laptop, its basically an MSI GT72VR laptop, the issue I have is when gaming, after an unspecified amount of time (Sometimes minutes, other times hours) the FPS will suddenly drop from say 75 to 25 then I notice the green LED on the power supply has started to fade, if left the laptop will soon die completely but if i unplug the PSU from the wall and plug back in the green light comes back on and FPS return to normal and I can again continue gaming until the problem re-occurs. Any Idea what could be the issue here before i start buying random replacement parts to try and fix this?
I will add, temps are good at 70 to 75 on CPU and around 73 on GPU, if i turbo the fan these will drop to 60's but problem still occurs! Charger does not feel hot to touch either!