Review MSI GT76 Titan Gaming Laptop Review: Big, Bright and Powerful


Jan 21, 2010
Great Review on the MSI GT76 Titan DT-039 4k gaming notebook. I bought mine
from XOTICPC w/ 128GB DDR4 memory then I installed 3x 2TB Samsung 970 EVO PLUS NVME M.2 SSD in RAID0 array & added my 2TB Samsung 860 Pro SATA III SSD for additional storage. This notebook is a beast for gaming & even better for 4k video viewing. The Alienware Area 51 M cost as much as the MSI GT76 Titan DT-039 notebook but DELL doesn't offer a 4k screen on Alienware Area 51M. I believe the MSI GT76 Titan DT-039 4k is the better overall notebook w/ a much nicer, much brighter 4k screen.