Question MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Mini Fan Header Detection Issue

Sep 22, 2020

So, Ive applied a NZXT Kraken G12 Bracket with an AIO on my GPU. Today I purchased a mini fan splitter to connect the fan cooling my AIO directly to my GPU for rpm readouts. Its not picking it up, the fan itself is not spinning. Ive tried to control it via Argus Monitoring software and still didnt work out for me. When I had the fan header connected to my CPU_OPT header it kept my GPU @ 29-33c at idle, at this moment with the fan not running its sitting at 49c without budging. I want to be able to control this fan so that it stays at the 29-33c idling temp. Can anyone shed some tips? I've heard that the GPU's are locked at spinning the fans at 60c or 50% power load? Not sure how accurate that is when I ran Heaven Benchmark and got the GPU to 61c and defintely over the 50% power limit and still didnt trigger the fan connected to the PCB mini fan header. Its a regular mini fan header splitter with a 4-pin and 3-pin. I am only utilizing the 4-pin for a 4-pin Noctua 3000rpm fan. I don't know if thats too powerful for the card perhaps?
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