MSI GTX 275 OC issues?

Flying Sq

May 10, 2009
This is my first card bought from MSI, it's "twin frozor" edition card, factory OCed a bit. Granted it keeps the card pretty damn cool, but it's flipping out when I try to OC it even one more Mghz, it's at 666(lol) for the shader, memory is 1161 or something close to it. Anyone else have these problems. I know it varies from card to card, but my old 7600GT from BFG took OCing like a champ.


sometimes the program used to OC can make a big difference.
i'd check the OC forums for the best program. I use EVGA Precision and i love it, but you kinda need one of their products to download it (unless you can find it somewhere else and download it from a third party)