MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk Help!


Jan 22, 2013
Today, I've upgraded from an Radeon HD 5770 to a GTX 560 Ti Hawk.

The Hawk Edition is factory overclocked to:

Core Clock: 950 MHz (vs. 822 reference)
Shader Clock: 1900 MHz (vs. 1625 reference)
Driver Version: 310.90

Anyways, I've received the card today and I've expected better performance. There are some games that usually play at 60 FPS, but then drop to 40 or even lower for no apparent reason. The frame rate is very inconsistent in some games and I didn't see much of a performance boost compared to the old Radeon HD 5770 I had. There are some games that perform significantly better like Skyrim and Borderlands 2, but Crysis and Saint Rows The Third don't really see any improvement. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit had some improvement.

These are my system specifications:

AMD Athlon II X3 455 @ 3.3 GHz
MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk
Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz
Windows Vista 32bit SP2

On YouTube, I see people playing Crysis on very high settings at 1080p at a very good frame rate with a 560 Ti. I know that my CPU is a bottleneck, but I don't think it bottlenecks my GTX 560 Ti by a lot. I bought this card because I was planning on getting a 1920x1080 monitor a few months down the road. I play on a 1440x900 resolution monitor which is why I expected higher performance. Why can some people play at 1080p on max settings with a way better frame rate than me? Is my CPU that much of a bottleneck? Here are some benchmarks I took with Fraps a while ago:

Crysis: (1440x900, Anti-Aliasing: 2x All settings on medium)

Trial 1: Avg: 34.840 - Min: 24 - Max: 53
Trial 2: Avg: 36.381 - Min: 25 - Max: 51
Trial 3: Avg: 37.708 - Min: 28 - Max: 52
Trial 4: Avg: 37.611 - Min: 28 - Max: 63

Saint Rows The Third: (1440x900, Anti-Aliasing 4x, AF 8x, some settings on low / high, V-Sync enabled)

Avg: 25.983 - Min: 5 - Max: 44

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: (1440x900, Anti-Aliasing 8x, AF 8x, all the fade settings are on max)

Avg: 59.264 - Min: 33 - Max: 64

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: (Max settings)

Trial 1: Avg: 53.472 - Min: 38 - Max: 62
Trial 2: Avg: 54.293 - Min: 26 - Max: 61

Borderlands 2: (Everything is on max except PhsyX and V-Sync is turned off)

Avg: 57.671 - Min: 43 - Max: 61

Keep in mind, that I had no applications running while I was bench pressing the games. (Only Notepad).

I'm asking this now because there's a special on Newegg on the Phenom II X4 965 that's ending tomorrow, only $84.99 with a promo code.

Should I get the Phenom II X4 965? The ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS supports up to 125 TDP processors. How much will I benefit, because the difference I will be getting is an extra core, 2MB of L2 Cache instead of 1.5MB, 6MB of L3 Cache and .1 GHz frequency boost. Would I see a big boost in rendering videos, boot up times and faster program booting? I probably won't be overclocking the Phenom X4 965 if I get it. I also think that my Athlon X3 455 is slower than before (I used to render videos on Virtualdub under the same settings at about 60 FPS, then 30 FPS a while ago and now I can only render at 20 FPS).

Sorry for the long thread, you don't have to answer all my questions.


Jun 6, 2012

Its kind of a big bottleneck imo, since the games your playing are pretty CPU intensive and that old of a processor and it only has 3 cores are really the main reason why your getting such low FPS. The 965 BE is a awesome CPU thats what I had for about a year until I upgraded to intel. I recommend it and its the best you can get for Price/Performance. For 84.99 thats a steal as a year ago I paid 140 for it.