MSI GTX 660 ti Power Edition Bottleneck??


Jul 26, 2012
I am currently planning a new gaming pc build with the following specs:

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46
CPU: AMD 4100 OC
GPU: MSI GTX 660 ti Power editon

My question is:

Will the AMD 4100 bottle neck the gpu?

i5-3570k is one of the most capable gaming CPUs for your money.

My CPU usage is about 50% using an i5-3570, my GPU GTX 670 has a usage of 99%(100%) while in playing intensive games. With the overclocking you might even go further, still it's not needed, but what the hell who cares? It's better CPU performance however you wanna put it. ;)

If your money can stretch so far, then do it!