Question MSI GTX 770 Twins Frozr 2g Problem LOW FPS

Apr 19, 2019
Hi, first at all sorry for my english.
I have a problem with my CPU - GPU or whatever configuration :

I have a

Workstation X5355 @ DUAL PHYSIC CORE 2x2.66mghz - 8 core total - BIOS UP TO DATE
8gb RAM (edit DDR2 833 full buffered 1333mhz)
MSI GTX 770 Twins Frozr 2g - ALL Drivers up to date with GeForce Experience and Profile Inspector
Windows 10
Kingston SSD 250g
PowerSupply 750

my FPS games are very low (18 to 60) in game and in the game menu 120-240fps, instable gaming , horrible
trying so much combinasion with GFE and in game video setup, still have low fps in very low or ultra
trying on/off v sync, AA, disable fullscreen optimization, run as admin, give csgo.exe high priority, try so much possibility, nothing working
CPU and GPU never work harder then 45%

Launch a GPU Burner, Marks, and other, can get up to 200 fps easy but never in game

I tried reinstall everythings, game, drivers, windows :(

please help me
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