Oct 3, 2020
so recently I switched out my gtx 1050ti to an msi gtx 970 tiger edition, the 1050ti worked greatly, no crashes or problems happened, but it can't keep up with current titles so I switched it for a gtx 970.

when gaming my pc kept on restarting on its own. while in the middle of a game, the screen went pitch black and restarted. I can't really pinpoint when it restarts because it varies depends on the game, and in each game it restarts at a random time, sometimes after 10 mins of playing and sometimes around 30 mins of playing. Seeing this I launched MSI afterburner and saw that the GPU temp was around 45-60 degrees C, and power usage was around 50-80 % when gaming (no crashes happened), noted I am currently using a LEPA 650W mx F1 PSU, and I am also currently overclocking my amd FX 8320e to 1.38V. I don't have a lot of experience around the data from afterburner, and I am not quite sure that these data are normal or not.

other than checking my temps I tried to reinstall the graphics drivers using nvidia and also DDU, but nothing worked, it still restarts in the middle of the game

any suggestions or recommendations??
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