Review MSI H310M Gaming Plus Motherboard Review: Affordable Basics


Hi there, just had a look at the review´s specification.

The form factor is not ATX, it´s micro-ATX

legacy port is missing: PS/2 Combo Port as well as supported CPU generations of Intel

In the RAM section, it would be nice to write in there, that this board will only use 2666MHz, no matter if better clocked RAM is installed

What I missed in the review: the audio chip will work in 7.1 HD sound, if the front audio is used in combination with the rear ports

Other than that, thanks for the nice review
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TJ Hooker

I wish people wouldn't refer to total # of phases as a single number, i.e. "7-phase VRM" in this article. If you're going to list a single number it should be the # of phases for the CPU core IMO, otherwise list it as Core+Uncore (or Core+Uncore+Memory). This board appears to be 4+2+1.
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