MSI K7T Turbo, ASUS AGP-V3400TNT, Win2K



I can't get Win2K to recognise the AGP card. I am running AMD Thunderbird, WIN2K sp1, ASUS AGP driver V3.79, running the latest VIA KT133A driver that I could find. The device manager list the driver as problematic, indicating cannot start the driver with Code error 10.

Has anybody encountered likewise problems? It's a pain to work with 16color 800x600 mode with 21" monitor. I do not have the same problem when I am using Win98se. Must be some driver incompatibility somewhere.


Mar 14, 2001
Go to:

And find the error message that is displaying. Code 10 mean that Windows is unable to start the device. This can be caused either by a bad driver, bad installation, or a defective AGP board or slot. Microsoft believes that the main cause is that the driver you are using is not been signed for use in Windows 2000. They recommend downloading the Win2k driver from the manufacture's web site.