MSI k8N Diamand Plus ... 3 short beeps


Dec 15, 2005
Since day one my MoBo gives me 3 short beeps during POST. The user manual that comes w/ the board gives no indication as to what the beeps mean. I poked around on MSI's website and found this.

But I'm not sure if that even applies to my motherboard. It's in a general troubleshooting area of their website.

But assuming it is right, I'm not sure what the Base 64K RAM is, or why it failed. I have 2GB of Corsair XMS DDR400 (PC3200) in there... TwinX2048-3200C2P2. This should be good stuff.

I built this system about 8 months ago, and it's mostly working fine. Once in a while the system seems to re-start itself at night or when I'm at work. (Happened maybe 3 times).

Any idea what the beeps really mean, and if I should take any action?

Thanks for your time !!
I would run memtest (a free download) and see if one of your sticks is bad. You can also try each stick one at a time in different memory slots, to see if one is bad. I once returned an msi board that would only post with 2 out of 4 slots.