MSI K9A PLATINUM - crossfire quesiton


Sep 14, 2011
Hello everyone, im currently trying to pump out at much power out of my current rig while I save up for a new build.

MSI K9A Platinum Board
2gigs Patriot 6400 (4gigs in the mail from newegg coming)
Just today replaced my ati 1900xt with a Geforce 8800gt
74gig raptor
AMD dual core 6400 3.22ghz

My questions have basically to do with video and crossfire. I want to try crossfire and Ive been browsing craigslist and ebay and have spoken to a guy today on craigslist that said he has 2 radeon 4850's 512's that he will sell for 60$. The problem is that its pcie 2.0 and that my motherboard does not support that. I also read that if you have a 2.0 card the board will still read the card but just not get the 2.0 factor and vice versa, if I had a pcie 2.0 board and threw in a 1.0 card it would still read it. Ive never dont crossfire so my question is, is 60$ a good price for both those cards, will it be a decent rise in power from my x1900xt and now the 8800gt i have, and since my board is a crossfire board, do i still need that crossfire connector that goes on the top of the cards or is that somehow built into the motherboard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and the last question is, what is the most powerful crossfire setup I can get with this board, and the most powerful card thats out that I can also get. I cant imagine I can get a 6xxx series ati so thats why Im waiting on the new build and studying on that and just behind and cant really find any info on my current rig. Thank you.


Mar 11, 2011
The setup will work. You need the crossfire bridge for crossfire to work correct. 2.0 works with 1.0 and other way around. You can use 6xxx series in your MB, but I would rather wait for the new rig before buying new hardware. $60 for 2 4850's seems like a good price. I would gor for it for now. Just make sure your PSU is strong enough.