May 17, 2009
Hi folks. To state the obvious, my old XP 1500 homebuild needs replacement. I have a working case and 350W power supply. I am looking for excellent support from the motherboard. My old FIC board had horrendously translated instructions.

I am looking to spend in the $300 range, it seems newegg will have the best prices...

I want to use this system for a home server, backup, some autcad, surfing, and maybe some games. Don't care too much about graphics right now. I think the onboard is fine for my monitor that works with an old 64MB GeForce Ti200- (maybe I can put that on the new board?)

I want to position myself with the best possible future growth potential for the money. If and when I go 64 bit, I want to be able to max the RAM and go with a Quad CPU. Right now I am looking at:

MSI KA780G motherboard. (or GigaByte GA-Ma780G-UD3H)
AMD X2 5050e processor (low power consumption and heat) (or X2 7750 Black?)
WD Caviar Black 640G for backups
WD Caviar Blue 80G for OS
Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC2-6400 2X2 GB Modules

Are there any glaring compatibility issues here?
Are there better alternatives available?
Anything I missed?
Will this carry me into the future a bit?