News MSI Makes AMD 400-Series Motherboards Ryzen 3000-Ready


I mean couldn't they also have two BIOS updates available, one that supports 1st and 2nd gen then another that supports only the 3rd gen and possibly 4th gen when it comes out for older boards with smaller BIOS cache sizes?
Mar 4, 2019
Any idea when these will start shipping? Might be worth waiting for if it isn't more than a couple weeks.
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Dec 22, 2016
jimmysmitty, the problem is, if you're upgrading the CPU, you need a BIOS that supports both the first CPU and its upgrade. For example, if you have a Ryzen 2 and want to upgrade to a Ryzen 3, you need a BIOS that supports both processors.

And furthermore, when they ship a retail motherboard, they have no idea which CPU someone will install it in. Let's say they ship the motherboard with the BIOS supporting the Ryzen 1&2. Then what's someone with a Ryzen 3 supposed to do? Similarly, if they ship the motherboard with the BIOS supporting the Ryzen 3, then what is someone with a Ryzen 1 or 2 supposed to do?

Theoretically, a person could be upgrading from anything to anything. And if they buy a new retail motherboard, they could be installing anything. So that makes it hard. If the manufacturer says they support CPUs X, Y, and Z, then they need a BIOS that supports all those CPUs at once.
However, the motherboard manufacturer had to make a lot of sacrifices to make this happen. For starters, it removed all the eye candy from the BIOS interface. All the cool and flashy elements from the "Click BIOS 5" interface were replaced with a boring black background and simple icons.
This does not sound like much of a sacrifice to me. Do we really need fiery dragons and giant buttons in our BIOS menus? : D
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Dec 5, 2011
So these are the motherboards that are affected with the removal of features with Bios update?? I have the X470 Gaming Plus. What about other companies such as Gigabyte, ASUS, and ASRock???
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