Question MSI MEG Ai1300P vs. Ai1000P & MPG A1000G: Comparison and purchase value for expansion


Nov 13, 2022
Hello, do you think it is worth buying "MSI MEG Ai1300P PCIe5.0 1300W 80 Plus Platinum" or is it better to wait and buy the 1000W version.

In the near future I am planning a large expansion of the computer and I hesitate between MPG A1000G and Ai1000P.

Ai1000P - has a better certificate, control and preview of voltages from the software level, the ability to change between multi-line and single-line, better components and better protection, braided cables (this is a big + because they are better protected, and a 12VHPWR 600W cable.

I am thinking whether to take this Ai1300P / Ai1000P because it would last me for many years and has a 10-year warranty.



IMHO, either will do! Having more wattage from the PSU does mean you get to run it for a longer period of time and leave a lot more headroom for future upgrades, not to mention how you'll be running the PSU below the efficiency curve but you should be good to go with the 1000KW unit.