Question MSI Mobo won't load Windows OS?

Jul 28, 2020
Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for the rambling and if I could have explained this quicker.

About a week ago I randomly started having issues with my PC booting up Windows 10 OS. Basically, when I turn on my PC it loads the "MSI Gaming Motherboard" screen, and my keyboard and mouse light up as usual indicating a connection. I'm still able to access my BIOS, but if I don't within that short period of time then it seems as if it attempts to boot Windows OS but then says "Preparing automatic repair" and then just has a circle spinning forever. The circle spinning is still on the "MSI Gaming Motherboard" screen, but at this point my keyboard and mouse don't have a connection to access the BIOS.

At first I thought maybe my Windows OS was corrupt or something, and oddly enough my PC would boot Windows if I just tried restarting it 20-30 times... Windows finally loaded and everything worked smoothly and absolutely normal, though I proceeded with a fresh install of Windows 10. After that it booted up fine on its own the first time. I then turned my PC off and back on twice to make sure it was working, and it was.

Come the next day though, about 24 hours later, I'm having the same issue. So now I'm thinking it might be an issue with my motherboard or BIOS? I've been searching the internet for a while to find an answer. To ask a question some of you may have, I did not make any updates or changes to my BIOS previous to this happening. I have not updated any drivers for any hardware for a very long time. The only thing I could think of that's been updated is Windows 10 automatic updates. Also, my motherboard does not have a BIOS switch so unfortunately I cannot just switch it to test it.

Any ideas what may be going on here? Do I need to reinstall my BIOS maybe with a flash drive? I read a bit about that but I've never done it before.

Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 3
CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K
GPU: MSI Radeon R9 390 2GB
Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 (4 x 4GB)
SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 120 GB (Windows OS loaded on this)
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB
PSU: Corsair CX650M 650 Watt 80+ Bronze (Bought new less than 6 months ago)