MSI motherboard beeps if the video card is not inserted

Apr 29, 2018
Is it normal for a motherboard to beep if the video card is not inserted on PCI-E slot?

Motherboard has VGA and DVI slots, but on the monitor is not showing anything on those 2 slots.

I tried to adding my video card on PCI-E slot, but adding the DVI cable on the motherboard instead of my video card, still not showing. Motherboard does not beep now.

It's only showing on my video card DVI slot.

PC is custom built, only the motherboard, cpu and ram are new.

Motherboard: MSI A320M PRO-VD/S
CPU: Ryzen 3 1300X
Ram: 4gb ddr4
Video Card: GT640 1gb DDR5
It beeps because that processor doesn't have a GPU in it and needs a dedicated GPU to work. Only 2200g, 2400g and a - series processors have GPU in them. Because of all that you have to connect monitor to that GT640, not to MB.

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