Question MSI motherboard or AMD cpu??? Which one should i RMA?

Jan 1, 2022
Good evening,
This is my first posting on this forum, but i have a difficult issue at the moment.

Situation: Last night when i wanted to go to bed and close down minecraft i still had a tab open and when i wanted to close that my pc froze, i had to restart pc but after i restarted my pc freezes everytime i get to see my motherboard logo and the balls that are turning in a circle…., sometimes i got a bit further and got to see preparing automatic repair but that was most of the time also getting stuck i got multiple different blue screens but could never get to the solution center.

I am able to enter my bios and also able to change boot drive, but when i change to usb boot drive and have a empty ssd in my pc it also freezes at the black screen with blue windows logo on it.

This is what i tried:
Get cmos battery out for 1minute then place it back (did nothing)

Unplug or dismount every hdd/ssd, place a empty m.2 ssd and use a thumb drive with boot installation on it (did nothing, freezes still)

did the 1 ram stick (did nothing)

tried another videocard got the same issue (did nothing)

Tried to do a secure boot (wouldnt work)

after 12 hours of trying to fix it, my friend said i’m going to try 1 more thing and he turned on Game boost inside the bios, And suddenly the pc got back to life and it got past the screen where the rest freezes.

BTW is game boost safe to use? My cpu is atm on auto with a core viltage of 1.450V

But when i turn it off i am back to the same situation.

i think i can presume it is not the videocard/ssd/hdd/ram

So the only 2 things i still have to try are the cpu and the motherboard.

Which component would be at fault?

i also never got any post leds on.

and msi center was deleted and the issue still occured.

Even now my pc only work with game boost without it it freezes at boot.

i also tried to update my bios to the latest version (is now out of beta so should be a stable version) but…. (did nothing)

Ryzen 7 5800X (bought this last month)
Msi x570 Meg unify (1,5years old)
Msi Rtx 3070 suprim x (bought this last month)
Corsair vengeance lpx c16 2x8gb 3200mhz
Seasonic focus gx-750 watt (1,5 years old)
WD Sn550 m.2 250gb (1,5years old)
WD sn550 m.2 1tb (1,5 years old)
Samsung 970 evo plus m.2 1tb (6months old)
Baracuda hdd 750gb (not sure how old)
Bios version 1 month old:
E7C35AMS.AA0 (build date) 06/22/2021
Bios version since 2 hours ago:
E7C35AMS.AB0 (build date) 12/22/2021

There are no overclock programs on my pc except for msi afterburner (only use it for the ingame fps counter and information)

There are no logbook of annything.

I hope i have provided everything but feel free to ask any information.

Thank you for reading this and i hope you maybe know a solution or a good answer for me.