Question msi motherboard troubles

Mar 22, 2020
I built my current PC about two years ago with everything working okay until last week when it did not get past POSTing. Previously, the ez debug lights were flashing dram and cpu so I took everything apart and found a bent cpu pin. I thought the problem would be fixed by replacing the motherboard, but replacing the motherboard only allowed me to have 2 of my sticks of ram (gskill) in slots 2 and 4 and not my corsair ram.

All was fine running with 16gb until last night when I came across an Unexpected Store Exception bsod; however, it ran okay after a restart. This morning it was running okay until the entire computer crashed with no bsod and getting the same two ez debug lights as before. So far I unplugged everything except for the cpu, motherboard, and psu and it was running with only the dram light lit (obviously), but both dram and cpu lights come up as soon as I put any of my ram sticks into slots 1 or 2. I shall try taking out the cmos battery overnight to see if that does anything, but any help is much appreciated


cpu: i7 8700k
cpu cooler: noctua nh-d15
old motherboard: msi z370 sli plus
new motherboard: msi z390-a pro
ram: 2x gskill ripjaws 8gb 3200, 2x corsair vengeance 8gb 3200 (all were ok in previous setup before the bent pin)
psu: evga 1000w t2
case: nzxt s530