Question MSI motherboards are still good?

May 30, 2023
Hi, I am planning to buy a new pc and I am lost in the jungle of components.
One of my biggest doubts is about MoBo:
I have a MSI Z97 GD65 motherboard that served me very well for 8 years.
I was looking for a DDR5 motherboard, AMD B650 or Intel B760 but
it seems to me that MSI MoBo are considered now as having a bad performance/price ratio
is it true?
which brand could be a valid alernative about now for chipset B650 and B760?

Thanks a lot


All the major brands have good ones and worse ones. I like all the main players honestly. MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, AsusRock, nobody is perfect.

I'm rocking the B650E-F's with the latest BIOS.

hopefully B650 boards will keep coming down in price.
Well, I've had my fair share of MSI board do great, fair share that are questionable, you normally get what you pay for, just do some research on the board you plan to get. The only thing I don't like about MSI is their customer service isn't the best, Out of my years of working on peoples computers, I had to use MSI's customer service center more times than I'd like, and they did loose track of one board that was sent in, took them a month to send it back, I ate the cost and bought the customer a replacement.

But I can say the same about Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, well ASRock was the only company that would actually work with me and my business for things like RMA's, they'd cross ship, or even sent me a custom bios once for a laptop I was working on that had some strange compatibility issue for a replacement wifi module.
Jun 30, 2023
Not sure if you bit the bullet yet, but I've just had the most horrific experience I've ever had with a PC component with an MSI MPG EDGE DDR5 board. This should give you an idea about them. When you go to fill out their support form, they make you list your type of external CPU and your VGA. Yeah. And the form forces you to choose your RAM, but doesn't give you DDR5 option, despite having DDR5 boards for more than a year now. I had to send a board back after a faulty PCIe, then it came back without a bios & after I flashed the latest, there's no video out thru the board, & the PC reset switch no longer works. This is all with new components & all the cabling gets tested w/my current PC, so it's the board. This has taken months. Now I'm trying to get my $400 back, even though the board is currently marked down to $350. So why did I go with MSI in the first place? I had a really solid board in my current PC, but if you watch shows like Gamers Nexus or even Linus Tech Tips, you'll discover all manufacturers have had much higher fail rates post-pandemic, much more than the above less than 1% another poster mentioned. It's closer to 3% average now, & MSI seems to be one of the biggest culprits in their reporting. You might get a good one, but I'll never roll the dice with MSI again. GL