Question MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus | USB malfunctioning


Jun 18, 2018
If you are to look at the diagram for the rear I/O panel, you'll see my board has four USB 3.2s, and two USB 2.0s at the top.

I have two 4 way USB hubs, one for 2.0, and another for 3.0 type. On just the I/O panel, my 3.0 splitter will ONLY work with one of the two USB 3.2s on the fourth row up, next to the HDMI. It will not power (and on Windows I'll get a malfunctioning USB message) if I plug my 3.0 into the bottom two USB 3.2s, next to the LAN.

Now my USB 2.0 splitter is the same. It will ONLY work with the USB 3.2s on the fourth row up. It will not work with the bottom two 3.2 USB ports.
ADDITIONALLY, the two USB 2.0s on the very top do not work either. With ALL of these USBs I said that DON'T work, I may or may not get a message in Windows that says the USB is malfunctioning, and I can't run my keyboard off of these USBs. Not the hubs, not the ports themselves.
In fact when I plug my keyboard directly into either of my USB 2.0s, it will type the first letter I type, and for each different key I press, it will output the first key (such as if I press A a couple times first, then start tapping on B, it will keep pressing A). It only starts pressing my second key when I press a third. tl;dr, it's unusable.
I will also mention that my VR headset, the Oculus Rift S, will only be recognized if I plug it into the standalone USB 3.2*, next to the type C.

I'm not including the USBs built into my case in this dilemma. They work just fine, without issues, and as expected.

So, is the motherboard trash, or does it require updates, or something else?


Jan 25, 2021
Ok when you connect your your keyboard mouse to usb2.0 or lan usb slots can you enter into bios from that.
And in Bios is your keyboard mouse works normally check it first. If its works ok then may be windows drivers problem.
Have you tried Linux live ubuntu or any other through pendrive check it if all usb ports works in the Linux or not.