Question MSI MPG Z390I CMOS Battery Replacement - Where to get and how?

Jan 18, 2023
Bought an MSI board from China (And here I thought reusing an older CPU would be easier than a full rebuild!), but irritatingly they aren't including the CMOS Battery with it in the delivery. I've tried checking the spec sheet and googling around, but can't find any concrete details on exactly what battery I need and where I could get one from. Any ideas?

Further, in another thread about a different MSI board, it was mentioned that specialized tools were required to add/remove the CMOS battery in the first place!
From the product page I believe I can see the CMOS battery attached to the back of the Audio I/O ports. Does it look like it can be removed and replaced by hand?


Maybe see if the header on the motherboard for the CMOS battery is the same dimensions.

You will need a pair of tweezers/forceps to disconnect the JST connector off of the motherboard's PCB. The battery is actually stuck to the back of the rear I/O ports tower with double sided tape.
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