Question MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon

Nov 13, 2022
Hello, I have a few questions about this motherboard (MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon):
  • Will the power section handle the I9-11900K or I7-11700K?
  • Will this board allow OC of I9-11900K (power section and etc)?
  • Will the computer turn off if the temperature of the processor or power section is too high?


Retired Mod
With the VRM configuration this board has it will handle any CPU with which it is compatible. The 11900k should be no problem even for overclocking since it has one of the best VRM configurations of any Z590 motherboard.

Yes, all Intel motherboards will throttle or shut down if they approach or exceed an unsafe thermal limit. Even so, if overclocking it is a good idea to manually keep an eye on CPU thermal response and not configure any overclock (Or lack of cooling) that allows the CPU to exceed 85°C while running Prime95 with AVX (All AVX modes) disabled or with an offset in the BIOS.