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Question MSI MPOWER MAX Z87 not posting after BIOS update

Apr 26, 2020
Hey all!

I recently tried to update my bios to version "1.A". It successfully completed updating the BIOS using M-Flash. It then rebooted and said it successfully installed the update to "ME" as well. It then said it would reboot after 5 seconds. After the reboot, the display never turned on (no motherboard splash/post screen) and the fans are staying constant at 100%. I have tried resetting the CMOS, removing the CMOS battery and letting the power drain out and then trying to turn it on as well. To make matters worse, I previously bricked the first BIOS a couple years ago (my motherboard has a switch where you can switch between two different BIOS). All the lights on the motherboard and GPU still turn on except the two LED symbols on the bottom right of the mobo that is supposed to give error codes. Is there anyway I can proceed with this or should I just chalk it up and move on to upgrade my system.

I have been very happy with the performance I am getting but I am not opposed to move onto a better system (would like to use the same PSU, GPU, CPU cooler, case, fans, and storage). Here is my current build. I will be doing a lot of gaming and light video/photo editing. Lots of big data crunching numbers (am a software engineer).

I am kind of out of the loop with the current generation of both AMD and Intel CPUs and motherboards (been a while since I have built my PC). It looks like I am just looking for a new CPU, matching motherboard, and DDR4 ram. Any guidance would be of help. Sorry for the wall of text.

TLDR: Motherboard not posting after BIOS update. Should I just take it as a sign and upgrade my components. I want to preserve as many components as I can- looking for new CPU, mobo, and ram.