Msi N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition for BF3


Aug 27, 2011
To be honest most games are GPU dependent and not as CPU dependent. So you can start by looking up the N580GTX Lightning in benchmarks. Seeing the BF3 isnt out yet you are going to have to get a current yardstick to measure by.
I doubt BF3 will be as hard on a GPU as Crysis is so look for those benches.
How well it does there is gonna be your worst case scenerio for BF3.

Actually when you are comparing benches at the resolution you want take off a few fps because of the AMD...alot of sights use i7 2600K and i7 980+ in their test setup.
Take a look at this chart to see where a T1100 ranks.
T1100 6,302 vs i7 2600K 9,923 vs i7980+ starting at 10,381.....all of these are not overclocked. Most test setups are OC'd though which pretty much gets rid of bottle-necks.

OOPS forgot to add the link: :na:

Hope this helps.