Question MSI no display, no front panel lights, no usb

Apr 22, 2022
Hi, I was installing new AIO today while I noticed something strange.
First, I booted up and noticed that cpu temp in bios is exceeding 70 degrees. I checked and cooler wasn't touching surface of the cpu.
I've adjusted motherboard mounted screws and find out that it finally makes contact and thermal paste is on cooler too.
Then I assembled everything and proceeded to booting the computer.

I noticed that power lights on the front panel are not working, although fans were working.
The USB ports are not working just like display output.

I've checked on my motherboard's manual and light indicating CPU not being detected or fail is glowing.

I've tried replugging all the cpu power cables and motherboard cables but it did not helped.
I've also checked whether debug lights would be different if I'd take out ram, and it wasn't (still only cpu light glowing).
I've tried taking out cmos battery for some time - same effect as touching dedicated bios reset pins - nothing.

Then I've started to clean my cpu socket but accidentally I've bent 3 pins on the cpu socket but as far as im concerned - until they're not completely bended nor they make contact with each other - it should be okay.

After the accident things are the same.

What can I do?
Is replacing the motherboard the only way to go? Or maybe that's something to be resolve not by buying new stuff.

Motherboard: MSI Z370a PRO
CPU: i7 8700k