MSI P35 Neo Combo... GOOD or BAD?


Jan 25, 2008

I will be assembling a pc soon and this mobo caught my eye. i've gone through some posts about MSI boards and have got the impression that most MSI boards have quality problems. so i'm a bit nervous to buy this board now...

Here is a review done on this mobo.

The pros of this board are
* 45nm wolfdale support :love:
* 2 memory slots with ddr2 support and 2 memory slots with ddr3 support

* Only able to use 2 ram slots at a time. (but thats ok right?) :??:

Im planning to install a e6750 and a 8800gt for this board with two ddr 2 667/800 ram modules (1 GB each). What do u guys think? The next good msi board in the store was the MSI P35 Platinum which is way out of my budget.

Please note that im a very light overclocker and this system will be used primarily for gaming.

Other mobo's in the market which are within my budget are as follows.

Intel DG33FBC
Intel DG33FBC
Intel DG33TL
Foxconn G33M
ASUS p5b-vm SE

Thanks in advance. :D