MSI P35 Plat or P5K Deluxe?


Aug 16, 2007
Alright should i get the MSI P35 Platinum, or the Asus P5K Deluxe? The MSI got a good review on this site saying it oced better than the P5K. Should i go for it or what? Please tell me what you would personally do. Budget dosnt matter for this.


Mar 23, 2007
Although you mentioned budget doesnt matter. I would go with the P5K-e as it offers almost all the same features as the Deluxe (minus an RJ-45 and some copper). I have also heard of issues with the deluxe and premium versions of the Asus P35's. Whereas the -e version remains solid.


Aug 14, 2006
i bought a ASUS p35 P5K Deluxe(switching from a 680I) and i hate it so much im returning it. Its a great OCer sure but its a Pain in the a$$ if you mess up a certain setting, First it shut downs the computer, then turns it back on(all by itself) if a setting is messed up you'll know because your screen wont even show a POST, you get a black screen of nothingness at first i thought it was my GFX card or something wrong with the mobo before i figured it out it was bad settings! You then proceed to shut down, you cant restart it otherwise same black screen, doing a cold boot. Then turn it on, it will immediently turn itself off, once it does that you then after turn it back on which it will finally then reset back to default Values. WOW! compared to my 680I which just beeped 1/2 times at me then restarted it self with default values that made fixing your mistakes so easy.. but ***** going threw all that TO FIX ONE THING! like transaction booster which almost immediately is useless, i set it 1 and the stupid board wouldnt even post and i didnt even figure out it was that until 5 mins later screwing around with everything.

Fhew, ok rant over! @Papasmurf211 if budget doesnt matter 680I FTW regardless if you use SLI/ TRI-SLI i simply love it best motherboard i have ever owned OC'er friendly can accept Ram speeds of 1250+